TMF – Sept24/09 – 163.6

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks,
any wind is the right wind.


Goals are a good thing.  Apparently Arnold Shwarzenegger started writing down goals for himself since the age of 10 years old!*…not that I would want his life mind you…:)….but his accomplishments are pretty spectacular by any standards.

After being laughed at by the hill tribe ladies of Vietnam for not having a cell phone (all of them did!), I came home thinking to get a cell last year in May 2008.  I mean if these ladies who spent their lives in remote mountain rice paddies all day had them, perhaps it was time for me to get one.  (my reasons for abstaining to that point included not wanting to be accessible, my ludite tendencies, my enjoyment of the shock factor (what!?! you don’t have a cell?!?:) 

I set myself the goal of having one by May 31st…guess when I got one?  Yup, the evening of May 31st, 2008!  (One of my friends called and welcomed me to 1994:)  Honestly, with all the phone contract talk swirling around in my head, if it wasn’t for my goal I would have kept on putting it off.  Am I glad I got one?  With some mixed feelings, I would say yes…(but I digress)

As you can tell from my sad little goal setting personal example, I’ve never been much of a goal setter….things came easily and if they did not I was happy just to mosey along without that particular accomplishment/thing, etc.  However, as I contemplate changes to my life, I realize how essential it is know what it is I want – what would my ideal life look like?  what goals need to be achieved so I can live it?  Knowing and setting those goals determine what conscious and delibrate actions I’m going to take consistently to achieve them.   I don’t just want things that come easy, I want much more than that…

Now some changes are not necessarily achievements and can’t be measured very easily…yes, I want to have a boyfriend, get married…but it’s not really an achievement in the most basic sense.  How can you really set goals around some thing like that?  (Although not conventional, I actually think there is a way, but I will save that for another post.)

Weight loss on the other hand, lends itself quite nicely to such quantifiying.  With no input from Morris (sorry, buddy!), I have come up with a weight-loss goal for us…to be under 160 pounds on October 15. That is just a little over 1 pound a week which is a health practioner approved  rate of  loss.  I heard writing down your goals is an important step.  It is also a way of keeping me accountable. I know I may not have surfaced last week after falling into some poorly placed cheescake and baklava :), if I did not have to post my weight today.  Knowing my obligation to report kept me doggedly on, working out and trying to make good food choices afterwards…Blogging is helping me to persevere through this life change.

Till next time, happy trails!

* I pulled this guestimated age from my checkered memory of reading a short bio on him


2 responses to “TMF – Sept24/09 – 163.6

  1. i was inspired by the Wolverine diet. all that hugh jackman dude ate was chicken breast and steamed veggies. plus, i had grapefruit and oatmeal for brekkie and fruit throughout the day… i even cut out my daily portion of bacon. Mmm, bacon.. lovely bacon… *drool*

    p.s. resist the Morris, and he will flee from you!

    • Thanks for the tips Samj!! I heard about HughJ too…apparently he ate 7 times a day and worked out 3 times…Amazing how much motivation 20 million dollars lend…;)

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