Relationship Risk #1

Okay people…I did it. 

No, no, nothing crazy like marriage or even a date for that matter (hehe).

I have officially attempted to join my church run dating website (all members on the site North America wide are screened by their home churches…so hopefully no crazies 🙂 I only say attempted because there was some issue when I tried to subscribe…otherwise I am so on this like a long lost aunt on your chubby cheeks.

Desperate times, calls for desperate measures….lol!

Seriously, I really believe that it is important to try all kinds of different things when you want to change the results that you are getting in life…”if you want something you never had, you must do something you have never done before”….so here goes! 

I will definitely fill you guys in on the details step by step as I try this website.   Right now I’m just waiting to be approved by my church leaders as ‘safe’ (do I presume too much? 😉

My expectations? Sure it would be great if I met that special guy BUT I have total confidence (today, anyway! 🙂 that he will come along at just the right time…in the meantime, I’m hoping this website will help me to learn more about myeslf and my relationship issues so that I can be prepared. 

Looking forward to reporting the juicy details…


3 responses to “Relationship Risk #1

  1. Risk ? Church endorsed ? This blog is a joke…

    • Thank you Milton for dropping by! I can understand your hesitancy around dating websites. There is a lot of scary stuff out there!! Maybe I should have been more clear as to what exactly this website is about; first of all members cannot be part of the website without being approved by ministry staff in the family of churches that I am a part of …therefore everyone on there is known and a faithful member of the church so it allows for an important degree of safety where online dating is concerned. I used the wrong word…my church isn’t only endorsing this services it is RUNNING this website for its members only to help Christian singles meet other Christian singles. It is a way of protecting Christian singles from falling into relationships in which they may be unequally yoked. (pls let me know if you want clarity on this – happy to dialogue via email)

      Furthermore, also importantly, the website focuses a lot on learning about yourself and developing relationship skills…there are even live coaches….so exciting! I’m looking forward to the growth that can surely happen through this experience…

      Regarding, whether it is a risk? I think whether something is a risk or not is entirely dependent on the one who takes it…this is a risk for me because I am challenging myself to grow in this area of relationships…putting myself out there to meet new people. It is not the only way I’m meeting new people…but is one of the new ways…so I thought I would report…For those to whom such relationships come easily, this may not seem like a big deal…If you are one of those people, then you are blessed and I hope to be there someday!

      Finally, “this blog is a joke!” Indeed…I have many reasons for writing this blog…but one of them is definitely entertainment…so enjoy! 🙂

  2. wow…good onya for attempting! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the juicy details…*in person*…hehe..

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