Unfounded Joy

I watched some movies at the Toronto Internation Film Festival last week (hence the lack of time for blogging!).  Of particular note was attending the World Premiere of a German movie named Phantom Pain.

The main character had a passion for cylcing  and writing (kinda like me…except I don’t cycle…hehe)…  While cycling by himself through the rice paddies of Sri Lanka, he noted something which really resounded….paraphrased as follows;

“I then realized what I loved about going solo; there was no one there to point out that my joy was unfounded.”

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning or am walking home at the end of the day, especially these days, I am just filled with joy.  I have no specific reason or explanation for this feeling, nor do I particularly want to.  I imagine the presence of another person in that space would maybe mean a distraction from experiencing those moments, the need for the justification of my feelings, or that some negativity they are expressing could spill onto me…and I’m so pleased to be going solo right then….

Later as I think about it, I think this kind of joy comes from being solely and completly in the moment…the sensation of rolling and savouring every last drop of life on your tongue.  Having no pretenses and being filled with gratitude for simple breath and the ability to move. 

The best part about joy is that it doesn’t need a reason to exist in your heart.  Joy is deeper and better than happiness.  Happiness to me seems situational;  joy instead is a soul experience, a character result.  Happiness is fleeting but joy  bubbles in your depth; simplicity, gratitude and awareness are the keys.  

Give yourself the quiet time alone to experience joy.


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