Breakfast was ‘yummy in my tummy’ with an assortment of berries and granola and all sorts of other delicious goodies.  After partaking in the lovely offering I quickly sent an email to the organizer of the charity fundraiser breakfast that I had eaten  without paying because I had been short of cash. 

I was surprised at the reply which was, exclamation and all, ‘thanks for being so honest!”  I won’t deny that I felt the the prick of pride.  What a good little Sanji I am, I thought to myself as I gave myself a mental back pat….But then I thought, why?  What I did was so BASIC!  I mean the money raised went to help children with a serious illness.  Is our world so berefit of human decency that people are surprised (& I am proud) at my simple act?  Sadly, apparently.

It is so easy to sell my integrity.  Whether it is the 50 cents extra in change received at the  store or a little white lie, the world gives me subtle ways to sell myself ever day.  

How much are you worth?  As a Christian, I can answer that easily, if not simply – the price of Jesus’ life. 

Make your choices reflect your incalcuable value.


One response to “Priceless

  1. In high school, a friend had rented a video and her VHS player (yes, I’m that old) ate the tape. She tried to correct the problem herself by opening up the cartridge and naturally, that made things worse. She called me up, frantic about what happened and couldn’t decide what to do. She could: a) wind up all the tape and close the cartridge or b) confess to what happened. The former would hide the problem well enough that the video store couldn’t blame her for the damage, costing her no money. The latter was the more expensive option because she would likely have to pay a great deal to fix or replace the rental video; money that she would have to ask her very strict parents for. She asked me what to do and when she realized that neither of us had the courage to choose what was right, she asked to speak to my mother

    My mother told us that our souls are worth more than the cost of a rental video. She made us understand that the costlier option was the one where she would get away without paying in paper currency because the hidden price would be her most valuable possession, her conscience. She advised her to confess to the store and no matter how bad she thought the situation was and no matter what the outcome, it was a valuable learning experience to be had; one that she could be truly proud of.

    So, my friend did the right thing and though she didn’t have to pay for any repairs (the store clerk was just grateful for her honesty), we both learned a small lesson in appraising with our souls, not just with our wallets.

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