Life is short – FOCUS

As I get older, I’m realizing just how short life is.  As a child and teenager, I wiled away the lazy summers and time after school never thinking about the preciousness of time. 

I don’t have a Time Vampire (TV) because I spent about 6-7 hours a day, EVERY day watching it for about 18 years.  Even if I never look at a TV screen again for the rest of my life, no one could ever accuse me of not having watched enough of the stuff (…and you know how people throw around such accusations 🙂

People talk about mission statements a lot.  I’m starting to understand why.  There are so many things to do, so many places to go, so many people to love, so much TO DO. What am I going to choose?  For the last few years I feel that I have made little progress because my efforts, energy, time are scattered…for example, right now I’m;

-trying to lose weight, journaling my intake, trying to hit the gym regularly

-write a blog entry every day ’cause I love it its a passion…the fans are screaming for more, I can’t disappoint..:)

-set up a morning and night routine which includes reading my Bible & conversing with God

-change careers

-work on my dating life (whatever that means..hehe 🙂

-serving in my church as a shepherd to several people (counselling, praying with them, hanging with friends)

-read more books

-take care of my family needs as there is a serious illness afoot

….ETC….(and really this is not the end of the list by any measure)

WHEW!!! I’m exhuasted just looking at it.

I need FOCUS because I want real change.  How I’m going to find that and live it is a challenge.  Any ideas?


2 responses to “Life is short – FOCUS

  1. set aside a few weeks or a month to make a yearplan, with a mission statement or key areas, along with objectives & strategies, and a general timeline… work along with the 7 habits book is helpful, as well as, regular SWOT analysis.

    then take the next month to cut out all the fluff and go after it. it helps to break-down key areas or goals between seasons, terms, or half years.

    half the stuff i tackled, including my 2 biggest goals in the 1st half of year.

  2. Hey Sanj,
    While reading your blog I came across your statement to want to change careers. Where are you looking to go into now?

    As for suggestions on how to focus…. I am struggling with that also. I can only suggest that you have an accountability partner. Someone you can check in with every day and is AVAILABLE….. that’s key

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