TMF – Sep10/09 – 164

So yeah…I lost some weight this week.  Not surprising as there were some sad circumstances with a friend’s mom passing away.  I did not really feel like eating a lot and still don’t.  

Morris, my dear tumeroo, I aplogize. I wasn’t planning to shake you without facing my issues.   Like all other things in life, I believe losing weight is best approached from the inside out.  There is no point in trying to deal with the surface without dealing with the innards…(hehe, literally and figuratively)

What ISSUES, you ask?  Well, one of them is the honesty thing.  HONESTY AGAIN? yup.   Oh I rant and rave to anyone and everyone who will listen that I walk so much, workout so much, huff and puff SO MUCH…yet the poundage still clings.  I even go so far in my head to say that I eat so healthy…why don’t the so called ‘laws’ of human bio chemistry/physics work for me?  Are Morris and I caught up in some weird worm hole which  suspends the planetary forces?  All I can say to that is…”Scotty beam us outta here!!”

(sorry I got a little carried away there…) Seriously, though sometimes I do feel at a loss UNTIL I start monitoring what I actually do and eat.  I mean WRITING it down.  If I keep a mental note, it just isn’t the same.  Fascinating stuff I discovered about my lack of good eating habits and exercise. 

Anyway, I think sometimes my brain counts my intentions as the real thing.  Self-deception is very easy and very powerful.  

The only time recently that I made any progress on my weight loss was when I did this kind of tedious monitoring.  I got lazy as I am wont to do and so am right back at square one….well, life is for the ones who overcome…so today I am embarking on some serious self monitoring via a handy dandy notebook. 

Wish me luck & send me your prayers, fellow voyagers…


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