Sad today

Rest in Peace, Mrs. D.

The first time I met you I could not stop laughing because I was so nervous , but you were so gracious and lovely.

I honour you because  of your submission to your husband.  Your son, my friend, always told me that there was no doubt that his father led the household.  Women of today could learn a lot from you and I am sad that I missed the opportunity. 

You were so lucky to be caught up in such a great romance.  I only met you and your husband a few times, but even in those moments, it was clear how you were doted upon.  The love and adoration between you was so heartwarming to be around.  It provided such an inspiration to me of what marriage could be like even after decades of life.

I respect you for all the hardships and challenges you faced so that you could provide your sons opportunities in life.  Leaving a professional career and the country you grew up in for the cold winters of Canada could not have been easy and yet you did so simply so that your sons could thrive.

I admire your faith and humility.  Your diligent attention to the scriptures, faithful prayers and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed by our God.  Your entire family has benefited from your dedication as you have passed on your committment.

I want to follow your example of charity.  Your concern for children that were not your own and the time and energy you spent to care for them was touching.

You were such a beautiful lady inside and out.  I would have loved to know you more.  Without a doubt, you will leave a hole in the heart of all who knew you. 

Rest in peace, Mrs. D.


One response to “Sad today

  1. Mrs. D sounds like a wonderful lady and she certainly left a positive impression on you. It’s wonderful to know people like this, to be examples for us to follow.

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