The Morris Files (TMF)- SEP 3/09 – 167

When I started this blog, one of my friends said she hoped Morris would get a mention.  Well here you go Tishel – a whole series on him.

Who is Morris you ask?  He’s cute, fluffy really really charming….No, no he’s not a suitor or my pet rabbit…

…he’s ma belly! 

If you’ve been reading along, you’ve quickly come to the realization that I have quite the imagination.  I was the kind of kid that had a whole slew of imaginary friends (all animals, all named to rhyme with ‘andy’….Mandy the eagle, Dandy the dog, Candy the cat….you get the idea :)…..yeah…..I’m not kidding.

So is it any wonder that my tummy has a term, a tag, a title?

Even though I simplify for the general public (yes, lots of people know about him…and yes, surprisingly, I do have friends of the non-imaginary kind), Morris is more than just the name of my tummy.  He is an alter-ego of sorts (another one!) personifying unhealthy emotional eating habits that have plagued me my entire life.  As a result, according to my doctor & chiro, I am 30-40 pounds overweight (BMI = 29.6).  I think because of my relatively active life style (I don’t have a car and walk everywhere), the situation is not worse and I am grateful.

Now, like most everything else in this world, I believe I am VERY knowledgeable about health & fitness…..hehe…. In fact, I had a goal last year of talking at one of my church conferences regarding fitness & health.  I had wanted to get into shape to have that all important street credibility that the people are literally looking for…but well, life got in the way. 

One of my favourtite sayings is…’where there is breath, there is hope’….AND SO, I’m setting the same goal again.  (****GOAL ALERT****)In 2010, I will speak at a conference on the topic of health & fitness (****GOAL ALERT****).   To help me reach my goal, shake things up bit, and provide some accountability, I will be posting every Thursday about my current  weight and weight loss challenges.  Maintaining my heatlh is a big challenge for me and a huge part of me (whether I like it or not).  We’ll talk about the reasons why over the course of time.  Blogging about my weight is scary because it is an admission of weakness, to myself to the world…of not quite having it together.  Well, the truth is anyone who thinks they ‘have it together’, is the furthest from it….

…and so begins another round…

Morris, I know we’ve been friends forever…but you are SO going down.


2 responses to “The Morris Files (TMF)- SEP 3/09 – 167

  1. Love it! Morris is such a cool name for a tummy.

    I had tons of imaginary friends too. And I still have quite the imagination.

    Can’t wait to read more about Morris. 🙂

  2. I’m sure Tishel would be pleased as punch to know that Morris has not been forgotten. I also believe that by setting and adhering to specific health and wellness goals, you are ensuring a strong and healthy future for said Morris!

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