Professional Risk No. 1

I always TALK about how being single means I can travel and/or work ANYWHERE….just never did too much about it, except of course my dual favourite pastimes; thinking & talking. (and the ever deadly reverse combo, talking & then thinking)…well it is time to take advantage of the advantage…

I just finished emailing an incredibly well respected human rights organization in London, England about an Internship that I’m dead chuffed about (that’s BritishIsleayan for ‘really excited’…no harm in brushin’ up on the lingo starting now, right?  Living by faith and all that good stuff…hehe).

Fear of failure and of the unknowns held me back from taking the necessary next steps.  And of course you are already acquainted with Madame Paula Perfectionist who is the bane of my existence.  She was demanding the whens, the whys, the how tos…she suggested that I had not thought through all the details and pointed out other obstacles and reasons why this was not the perfect time.  My new “I can’t get no satisfaction, until there is ACTION” attitude has really got her flustered and quite beside herself.  She has already warned me that my rashness will get me ‘no where young lady’ and that I am wasting my time with this appplication…

(what a daft (liking those Britishisms! 🙂 negative old prune….I have no idea why I hang out with her so much)

I told her the pure talking&thinking&thinkingsomemore&talking&thinkingagain track she has had me on for the last few years, although enlightening, has got me just exactly nowhere I want to be anyway….so no harm done, right?

Anyway, to recap on this application…

The Good

-I got my full name on there, spelled right and everything (Yay…go me!) 🙂

– I came up with some brilliant (if I do say so myself) points about why I want to do this internship

– I threw in some signature Sanji humour noting that one of the reasons I want to do this internship is that it is in glamorous LONDON!!!

The Bad

-application was 14 minutes late…hopefully they will still accept it

-no time for spellcheck…eek!

The Ugly

-because of procastination I did not research the organization and there was no opportunity to read any of the application over….

– signature Sanji humour on a human rights internship application…enough said! 🙂

BUT WHO CARES??  I actually applied and I am super-excited about it.  That was a step in faith.

(and sorry Paula…hope you can find another specialty…this Perfectionism thing is just not going to fly with me anymore….)


3 responses to “Professional Risk No. 1

  1. Sanj, this is awesome! Hope you get to go through with it!

  2. Ditto. Good job and great faith with just submitting the application!

  3. You go Sanj! That’s so very cool. I really hope it works out. If you get the job, you’ll have even more amazing tales to tell. 🙂

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