Sorry Beautiful Lady…

You looked vibrant, dancing away in your stunning black dress with that  gentleman.  I tapped on his shoulder and he started dancing with me.    He asked me questions and we bantered back & forth.  His enthusiastic dancing and friendly demeanor encouraged me to relax and have a good time.

Until I glanced your way.

My heart sank and my feet stilled as I saw your narrowed eyes and the almost imperceptible  look of catty disdain.  To make thing worse, you pasted on a half- smile because you wanted to show that you were un-affected when you noticed I was looking your way.  From your perspective, you were basking in his attention when I rudely interrupted.  I deserved that look.

What you did not know is;

-that he had asked me to dance earlier and I had told him I would join him in a few mintues

  -I did not know that you were dancing together.  I often do not observe my environment when I’m focussed on a goal (e.g. find the gentleman and dance with him as promised)

-that although he was attractive, he certainly was not worth hurting you. Not by a long shot, my precious sister in Christ.

-that I would never steal or even compete for a man’s attention.  I truly believe if a man wants you, he will make that clear to all parties.

Why didn’t I come over and apologize to you right away as per my instinct?

1 cup cowardice, I did not want to create a scene.   I was fearful of approaching you and of your reaction

1/4 cup laziness, breaking the dancing momentum seemed ornerous. 

2 tablespoons of selfishness, he was cute and nice…I wanted to keep him for myself. 

– a dash of pride, I felt hurt by that look you gave me…we have know each other  a little, don’t we?  Why would you so quickly assume the worst of me?  Why do I have to come over and apologize to you?

Anyway, I’m sorry beautiful lady.  Your peace is disturbed and so is mine.  I will make sure to come find you tomorrow and apologize.


One response to “Sorry Beautiful Lady…

  1. You’re so nice to be so thoughtful of others. Most women probably wouldn’t even have noticed her “look”.

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