Intro Part 2/3: Female

I’ve often thought that if given a choice, I would have gladly chosen to be a girl. Not that I don’t think men are great… guys have it rough in our society and I feel for them. Have you noticed how often men are potrayed idiots, jerks or sex-crazed losers in our media? A shame, because ‘man’ done right is FANTASTIC!

It must be my womanly sensibilities but all that getting dirty, running around playing sports, one-upmanship openly as little boys, subtly as men, pressure to provide and make something of oneself (right or wrong this pressure is more on guys’ shoulders),  & daredevil antics (insert favourite male stereotype) seem so unappealing. 

I love being in touch with my emotions , being relationship oriented, going to the washroom in packs (insert your favourite female stereotype here)…all of it, EVEN Aunt Flo/ Uncle Tom (insert your favourite euphemism for the menustrual cycle)…its so real,  raw,  human…a reminder that our bodies are made to bring forth life….

(Besides, I’m scared of the dark…can you imagine how embarrassing that would be to explain to my girlfriend if I was a guy?)

My main point is just that men and women are fundamentally different;  emotionally, pyschologically, spiritually (& the obvious, physically)….equal, but different.  Attempting a relationship, or for that matter, LIFE, without at least being cognizant of this fact is asking for trouble.  My perspective on everything  is shaped by my gender.

One of my goals is to figure out and live ‘woman’ done right…it’ll be FANTASTIC!! 🙂


3 responses to “Intro Part 2/3: Female

  1. Like this one Sanj…talk about a Pandora’s box…

  2. I’m with you, I would have been a real sissy-boy type man. I’m glad I’m a female.

  3. THis is a great great truth and that is what I find fun, enjoyable and comforting about being a single man the challenge to live man done right … it is indeed Fantastic

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