INTRO Part 1/3: Single

 ‘The Sanj’ is single. 

When you have two brown parents breathing down your neck because you have reached the ripe old age of (GASP) 32 with nary a ring to grace your *ring* finger….Well…let’s just say its on my mind…

Between matrimonial websites (where people go to get MARRIED, no dating), dating websites,  singles conferences, arranged marriage proposals (remember I’m brown…yup….good times!)…it is an absolute blast to be single!  And I say this with only a modest dash of sarcasm…really…:)

My favourite thing about being single: FREEDOM.  I can wink at a cute guy passing by, Christmases spent with my two favourite grumpy bears (aka parents), only movies I want to see, Fridays to do as I please, travelling at a drop of a hat….you name it!  There is no compromise necessary in my life…and I gotta tell you, it is sweet.

However, honestly, as everyone’s going all Noah’s ark (pairin’ up 🙂 on me, I do feel the pinch.  I want someone to love as much as the next cheesy chick.  This truth is hard to face because it seems so desperate and depressing.  Therefore, usually I make it all about how my parents are on my case.  

I do wonder, why is so much of singlehood about the escape plan? The logistics of how to reach the hallowed state of marriage/dating? Sometimes I feel guilty for caring too much about wanting a partner in life (e.g. I’m not grateful, God should be the only one I’m seeking)….and sometimes I feel that I don’t care enough (e.g. God does say ‘ask and receive, seek and find’)…Is it possible just to love the moment, appreciate the gifts of your particular stage of life, yet ‘work/aim’ towards something different?

Me thinks I better start practicing my winks 😉


2 responses to “INTRO Part 1/3: Single

  1. In same boat. I find lately, that the sense of inevitable hurtling towards marriage is not as fun as the journey to find out all that God has put within me and entrusted to me – in truth, I am only just discovering the joy of exploring who I was meant to be with Christ. It’s an exhilirating expedition, I think, one we should all go on, if needed, we feel we were never able to discover it because were so inexorably pulled towards the black hole of “Must Marry-and-If-I-don’t-I-am-doomed Hood”.

  2. I didn’t get married until I was 33. To be honest, I probably should never have gotten married. Of course, now it’s 21 years later and it’s a little late to be realizing that perhaps I made a mistake.

    Enjoy your single time, I loved being single. Being married has it’s ups and downs, just like being single.

    However, you’re so smart and talented and funny (gosh…you are funny!), I know the perfect guy is right around the corner for you. If that’s what you really want. Whatever you do, don’t settle.

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